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Please book your reservation using the form and calendar on the right. You may choose more than 1 day if you wish to camp overnight, or choose to stay in a nearby hotel. You should receive a confirmation email once we confirm your reservation. We would also like to speak with via telephone, skype, or email regarding your appointment and to make sure appointments are made in sincerity. Reservations are free of course!

How to arrive?

There are basically two ways to arrive to our ranch. You may choose to take a more scenic route by boat, which is highly recommended for your first visit. Or, you can arrive by vehicle from the main road. Both ways take approximately the same amount of time to get there.

After scheduling an appointment, we will contact you via telephone or email to discuss how you would like to arrive. Since we are so close to Puerto Vallarta, most people fly to PVR (Puerto Vallarta Airport) and then come to the ranch for the day. However, you can also arrive from Melaque, Careyes, Manzanillo, etc. on the same MEX HWY 200. Highway 200 is the coastal highway or Carretera Costera. It runs near the Pacific coast from the state of Nayarit through Jalisco, Colima, Michoacán, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Chiapas to the Guatemala border.

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