Do you have builders?

Yes. We have a trusted crew of gentlemen whom some have been with us for many years. You may use your own builders to build, but it is highly recommended that you use our team, since they have experience building homes on our land and location. It may also turn out to be cheaper to do so, than to bring in your own crew. This can be discussed in more detail once you decide to purchase a share.

How big are the lots?

Each share specifies an area of approximately 1000 square meters for a home. Keep in mind that you will also have a 10 x 10 meter area for a vegetable garden, and another 1000 square meter area for a small amount of livestock, and/or chickens, etc.

Can I design my own house?

Yes. If you purchase a share, your share will include the land and you may design your home the way you like it. However, for the homes in front of the river, we would like to keep the general “natural” look and feel of the design.

What kind of home can I build on the ranch?

At Rancho ∞ Amigos you are free to design your home the way you want it, however there are are a few guidelines we would like you to consider:

When it comes to materials, we have a couple of options. Mainly, our houses and buildings are built using steel, cement, concrete block, coconut wood (beams for aesthetics), and river stones. However, if you are not in the financial position to build your house you may build your home with adobe rammed earth, or other eco-materials of your choice. Please note that we will access all building plans before they are accepted. We have areas for both building choices. Your lot portion on the ranch is large enough to build a modest one or two story home. For a better idea of homes already built, or in process, please see our home construction gallery here & detailed information here.

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