What is the elevation (altitude) of the ranch?

The average elevation of the flatlands of the ranch is approximately 150-160 meters (480 feet). Since we are surrounded by mountains and have a large mountain located directly behind us which is our property, the elevation in some spots would be much higher.

Is it safe where the ranch is located?

This is perhaps one of the main questions we get asked, and the short answer is Yes! In general, what is happening in Mexico is happening for very specific reasons and is limited to only certain areas. Puerto Vallara and surrounding area is generally safe and has not seen any major violence out of the ordinary. Not to mention, we are quite a distance from any major city, but close enough to take a day trip to the beach!

For the last couple of years the US and Canadian media have been having a field day in revealing each new atrocity or crime in Mexico. The picture of Mexico as a lawless, dangerous destination has sold a lot of newspapers and filled a lot of time on 24 hour news channels. Yet the truth is the picture of Mexico they present is more myth than fact. Mexico is not the wasteland of drug gang warfare that has been portrayed in the news.

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