Is this land “ejido” land?

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NO! Our land is not ejido land. Our land is 100% owned outright. We would not take the chance of starting a project of this magnitude if there were a chance of problems in the future.

Ejido Land:

In Mexican system of government, an ejido (Spanish pronunciation: [eˈxiðo], from latin exitum) is an area of communal land used for agriculture, on which community members individually possess and farm a specific parcelEjidos are registered with Mexico’s National Agrarian Registry (Registro Agrario National). The system of ejidos dates from the Aztecs‘ rule ofMexico.[when?] During the colonization of Mexico by the Spanish and other European settlers,[when?] the Spanish encomienda system replaced the ejidos.

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Eco Village Mexico is an eco village project in Cajon de Peñas, Tomatlan, Jalisco Mexico. We are expanding and looking for new partners to join us on over 300 hectares of Mexican mountainous area with plenty of fresh water and fertile land.
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