Donate to an Eco Village! 2 Hours South of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is how we are teaching kids that trees are sentient beings that deserve respect and protection… visually! No words or lectures necessary… This message works its way subliminally!

Ojos Arboles - Tree Eyes

With your $10 donation, it helps us purchase the glass eyes for your tree. When you donate, we will place two glass eyes on a tree which you will be sent a picture of as soon as the eyes are installed.

Your donation also helps our eco-village farm with maintenance costs and upkeep.

Thank you, we really appreciate your help!

Does this harm the tree?

No. We chisel out the area where the eyes go on the bark and silicone the eyes to the tree. The silicon holds the eyes in place until the bark of the tree grows over the eyes, encasing them to the tree.

A $10 donation puts eyes on a tree, however, you may choose to donate more than $10

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